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Charge directly from your phone Pugz Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Release Time:2017-12-29

Pugz recently introduced a new concept Bluetooth headset, which is very small and compact, and can also be charged directly with a mobile phone.

Pugz Bluetooth headset uses a magnetic connector called "Squicle" in the middle of the cable. When the battery is low, just connect it to the phone to charge the headset immediately and listen to the song. As for power consumption, the drop in battery power from 100% to 97% will allow you to listen for 4 or 5 hours.

The charging is easy, and the sound quality of the Pugz headphones is also good. Its frequency response range is between 8Hz and 28KHz, with full and low frequency and natural vocal performance. In addition, it also uses apt-X technology (digital audio compression algorithm), Bluetooth audio transmission itself there is a certain delay, and practical apt-X technology Pugz headphones, you can minimize this delay, listen to songs more clearly and Smooth.

At present, the price of the Pugz Bluetooth headset is 199 US dollars (approximately RMB 1267), which is really not cheap.

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