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Connectors play an important role in the development of cell phone technology

文章来源:勤诚科技 / 作者:勤诚科技 / 发表时间:2017-12-21

The mobile phone connector is an important electronic component in the mobile phone. Their quality is directly related to the quality of the mobile phone and the reliability of its use. “Although there is no specific statistical data, we believe that the major after-sales quality issues for handsets are related to connectors/interconnections,” said Xu John, Business Director of Tyco America Capital Limited.

The types of connectors used in mobile phones vary slightly depending on their products. The average number of connectors varies between 5 and 9. The product types can be divided into internal FPC connectors, board-to-board connectors, and external connections. /O connectors, and batteries, SIM card connectors, etc. The prices for these connectors range from approximately $0.5 to $2.2, with an average of $0.7. Compared with the raw material cost of about 50 US dollars, it seems a bit insignificant.

Technology Trends: High Density, Small Spacing, Standardization

Because the overall product shape using connectors is a combination of miniaturization, thinness, and high performance, it also promotes the development of connector products toward miniaturization and small pitch.

The FPC connector is used for the connection of the LCD display to the drive circuit (PCB). At present, 0.5mm products are the main products, and 0.3mm products have now appeared. With the recent trend of LCD drivers being integrated into LCD devices, the number of FPC pins will be reduced accordingly, and related products have appeared on the market. Looking from a longer-term perspective, in the future, FPC connectors will be expected to integrate with other mobile phone components and be integrated into the frame of the mobile phone or its LCD module. The development trend of the board-to-board connector in mobile phones is that the pin spacing and height are getting smaller and smaller. Currently, the main one is 0.5 mm pitch, which will soon reach 0.4 mm or even less.