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Can the Moto 360 be equipped with a tall smart watch charger?

文章来源:勤诚科技 / 作者:勤诚科技 / 发表时间:2017-12-21

The smart watch market is still at a very early stage of development. The three major platforms - Pebble, Samsung Gear and Android Wear - all have their own unique capabilities. But the experience of these three types of smart watches has a very bad place, that is, the way of charging.

    The low quality of the proprietary charger and the relatively short battery life make the charging experience of the smart watch very frustrating. Fortunately, we are not without hope - this is to start with Moto360 and its Qi wireless charging stand.

    Every smart watch on the market today—even the same brand of the same brand—has its own strange, unusable charging interface. The smart watch's charging stand is different and will take up extra space while traveling. In some extreme cases, they can even be damaged. If it is really bad, then charging your own device can become very troublesome. It is true that many chargers are basically combinations of USB + spring pins (for waterproofing), but they lack a uniform standard. Comparing the microUSB or Lightning charging interface that has been popularized in the smart phone field, this is very weird and difficult to get used to. Taking into account the very frequent charging of smart watches, this problem is particularly serious.

    In March of this year, Motorola revealed that Moto360 will have a secret way of charging. We also learned from the FCC documents that were exposed several weeks later that this mysterious way is Qi wireless charging.


I believe that many users have already experienced the convenience of wireless charging on smart phones. For smart watches, this kind of charging method will obviously be a big step forward, because you only need to put the device on a compatible charging board. Charging is possible without the need for a charging clip or a spring pin.

     Unlike other smartwatches with different charging interfaces, Qi is actually a standard, so Moto360 should be compatible with the standard wireless chargers currently on the market. Therefore, even if your charger is broken, don't worry too much, so you can easily buy a new one.

     The Moto360 is definitely the most attractive of the first AndroidWear smartwatches, but the true strength of this product has not yet been verified, and we are still waiting for its official launch. However, like the unique design of this device, its wireless charging capability will also become a major attraction. We also hope that other manufacturers can follow and imitate, and eventually unify the charging of smart watches.