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Composition and structure of Pogo pin

文章来源:勤诚科技 / 作者:勤诚科技 / 发表时间:2018-03-10

The pogopin connector, a well-known kind of precision electrical connector, a variety of styles, spring thimble connector, spring pin connector; this article mainly introduces the structure of the pogopin connector, and the advantages and disadvantages of various structures, convenient Everyone chooses the right pogopin connector product according to the characteristics of their own products.

As we all know, the pogo pin consists of: needle, needle tube, spring, multi-pin connector will have a plastic base, easy to assemble.

The pogopin connector has three types of needles:


Pogopin flat head

Pogopin flat head

1, flat bottom

This design may cause contact between the needle and the needle tube under certain conditions. This will cause the current to be unable to pass through the needle tube and the wall of the tube will follow the spring. This will lead to excessive resistance, which will result in a significant drop in voltage and lead to electronic products. Instant power off



Pogopin oblique head

Pogopin oblique head

2, slope

To ensure that the needle remains in contact with the needle 100% during operation, we cut the tip of the needle in contact with the spring into a bevel. This design concept guarantees a low and stable contact resistance and absolutely guarantees stable conduction of the product.


Pogopin counterbored

Pogopin counterbored

3, anti-drilling

This design is the best choice for small size connectors. Can meet the customer's elastic requirements. This design of the matching spring length can exceed the length of the needle tube, in the case of limited space, do anti-drilling design, you can get a stable spring force and stroke. /n

The needle structure of the pogopin connector is even more complex. The common ones are: flat-bottomed, with tail pin, with bent tail pin, head type, spherical bottom and so on.


Pogopin needle

Pogopin needle

The design of the pogopin connector's needle tube will be designed in accordance with the customer's structural space and product's functional requirements and life guarantee. Can provide ordinary and opposite design.


Processing technology: Precision computer machining, can ensure good dimensional accuracy, precision can reach 0.02mm, product life can be more than 100,000 times. /

Material: Stainless steel SUS304, piano wire.



Pogopin spring

Pogopin spring

The above three structures can be combined into a complete pogo pin product, plus a multi-pin pogo pin connector product with a plastic base that can be combined into a variety of styles. The main parameters of the pogopin connector are as follows:

Contact resistance: Dynamic contact resistance is less than 30mΩ

Insulation resistance: more than 500MΩ

Elasticity: customized according to customer requirements, range 50~500g

Dimensional accuracy: The length direction can reach 0.05mm. The diameter direction can reach 0.01mm

Service life: more than 10,000 times

Welding method: suitable for surface patch welding, wave soldering, hand soldering.


Pogopin connector

Pogopin connector